Both races will go past all of the waterfalls that the original (2011) route went past(except Dry Falls) including Wahkenna, Fairy, Ocola, Weisendanger, Multnomah, Oneonta, Ponytail, and Elowah to name the major ones. The 50k will be a "point-to-point" course starting at the east end at Wyeth Trailhead/Campground and head west to Benson State Recreation Area. The 100k will be an "out and back" from Benson to Wyeth and back again. The Gorge Trail(#400) is the primary trail used but the route also uses a section of the PCT and other trails and unfortunately a 2.3 mile section of very low traffic paved road.  Rolling hills would be the best way to describe the majority of the course with the biggest climb on the course being about 1500ft but there are numerous 200-500ft climbs that add up to surprising amount of elevation gain--I used to tell folks it was an easy course but these climbs combined with the often technical trail make it for more of a moderate difficulty. Plus since it's so scenic you're gonna stop a lot to stare and take photos so it's definitely not a "PR" course. 

Since the 50k is a point-to-point course runners will be bused before the race from the finish (Benson State Recreation Area) to the start (Wyeth Trailhead/Campground). Runner Check-In starts at 7am at Benson and the buses depart at 8am. It's a 15-20 minute drive and the race will start at Wyeth at 9:00am. Runners will not be able to leave anything on the buses but we will have a vehicle available to transport "warm-up" clothes back to the finish.  

50k Aid Stations
9.3 Cascade Locks -- Cutoff Time 11:40am
18.2 Yeon -- Cutoff Time 2:15pm
25.4 No Name -- Cutoff Time 4:20pm
31.1 Finish

100k Aid Stations
5.7 No Name -- Cutoff Time 5:45am
12.9 Yeon -- Cutoff Time 7:20am
21.8 Cascade Locks -- Cutoff Time 9:35am
31.1 Wyeth -- Cutoff Time Noon
40.4 Cascade Locks -- Cutoff Time 2:25pm
49.3 Yeon -- Cutoff Time 4:35pm
56.5 No Name -- Cutoff Time 6:30pm
62.2 Finish

Driving Directions to Aid Stations For Crew(no crew allowed at No Name Aid Station)

Turn by Turn Course Description:    50k    100k  (Coming Soon!)

Elevation Profiles (click to enlarge)

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Course Map: East(Click to enlarge)