2014 Results

2013 Results 281 Finishers 286 starters-- Weather: Sunny and Warm! No Snow, just a little mud. Same "short" course from 2012.
Male Winner: Chris Kollar 27 Missoula, MT 3:22:24
Female Winner: Stephanie Howe 29 Bend, OR 3:49:39

2012 Results 211 Finishers 223 Starters-- Weather: Cloudy and temps in the 50's. Course: muddy and maybe a little short of a full 50km due to course changes necessitated by trail closures and deep snow at higher elevations.
Male Winner: Max King 32 Bend, OR 3:19:27
Female Winner: Stephanie Howe 28 Bend, OR 4:0717

2011 Results 125 Finishers 138 starters-- weather: showers and temperatures in the 40's
Male Winner: Jace Ives 27 Ashalnd, OR 4:25:09
Female Winner: Pam Smith 36 Salem, OR 4: 49:36