New: Registration for the lottery opens at on December 3rd, runners will have a week to sign up for the lottery and lottery will take place December 10th. 

Entry Fees: 
50k: $70 (not including shirt) 
100k: $130 (not including shirt)
NEW: Registration for the lottery opens at on December 3rd, runners will have a week to sign up for the lottery and lottery will take place December 10th. 

Lottery: Due to the overwhelming popularity of some of our races(Orcas Island 50k/25k literally crashed the ultrasignup server!) we will now be using a lottery system for the most popular ones. This race sold out in minutes last year. Registration for the lottery will be open for one week so everyone won't have to be on their computers at the exact minute registration opens. We will open registration on December 3rd and announce the lottery results sometime on the 10th. There will be no wait list, We realize this system has flaws but so do any other system when you have demand that far exceeds supply(see hardrock and western states lotteries). On a positive note we do have lots of other amazing races to choose from if you don't get in this one. 

Also a note about the lottery process: Your payment info will be gathered by ultrasignup when you register for the lottery but you will not be charged at that time, After we hold the lottery drawing everyone will receive an email stating whether or not you were a lucky lottery winner. The winners will be given the opportunity to accept or decline a spot in the race. Only those who accept will be charged the entry fee. 

T-Shirt: Our t-shirt philosophy: Who wants another ugly crappy race shirt that's just gonna take up space in your closet? Instead we'd rather use the best shirts with fun and tasteful designs and give the runners the choice to buy it instead of forcing it upon them and adding on the cost to the entry fee.  For all of our races we use high quality, eco-friendly technical shirts from Patagonia. For this race the shirts are short sleeved Capilene 1 with gender specific sizes.  The fit is true to size or maybe a little on the small size-- they are definitely not the over-sized monstrosities that you get at most races that are more like dresses than t-shirts! More specific sizing details can be found here on the Patagonia Website.  To see some examples of our past shirt click here.
Price: $35
***Deadline is March 8th to get shirt! 

Refunds/Transfers: Any runner who will have to miss the race for any reason can transfer their entry to any of my future races as long as the runner emails me before race week. When the runner emails to notify me they will not be able to attend the race I'll then reply with an email that will contain the info the runner will need to transfer their entry to another race. Refunds will not be offered except in rare circumstances.